You Hate Writing Articles For Your Blog - Now What?

Publicado  6.27.2008

By Anne Hilton

If you have a blog on the internet, it is going to need articles. That's the reality. Articles or content is what will provide the information to your visitors so they will want to return time and time again. Articles serve other purposes for your blog/site too.

The undeniable benefit of articles is they can elevate your blog ranking, based on the keywords and keyword phrases you choose as relevant to your theme and product or services. And content on it's own will drive traffic to your site.

Articles and your content overall create the trust and relationship between you and your visitors or customers. When readers like your articles they are apt to recommend your site to their friends, family and peers generating more traffic for you. And you will achieve larger sales if your traffic has confidence in you. Your product and/or services are going to be more likely to sell when your visitors believe you are knowledgeable and know what you're talking about.

O.k., enough. We know we need content. The problem is there are a lot of people who hate writing articles. Many blog owners would rather spend their time doing just about anything besides writing articles. So if you are not well-healed enough to hire your own staff of writers, and you can't plagiarize or copy other articles, what do you do?

One thing you can do is get free articles. You read right, you can get free articles and a good place to look for them is in the public domain. With public domain articles you can do whatever you want with them, and you won't get in any trouble for plagiarism or copyright infringement. Public domain articles are free for you to use. You can put them on your blog and even put your name on them. You edit and change them too.

There is one downside to public domain articles though. Since they are free, some other blog owners are going to have them, more than likely. Since your blog should be as original as possible, this may be an issue. You may want to tweak the articles to make them more unique.

An often recommended method to get articles is to allow other sites with a similar theme to yours (competitor) submit articles to your site. The inherent problem with this is they would have to be allowed to put their link on the article, and this can take your reader right from your blog to theirs, deflecting your traffic if your site topic is similar enough. However, if they are selling a product that compliments yours without jeopardizing your sales, then it may be an option.

Another viable way to get articles is to hire an article writer. There are a ton of writers available for this, and their prices are surprisingly reasonable. The writer will not only write you a totally original article, he or she can insert the keywords you need, and that people are searching for.

So the bottom line is - you will need articles for content on your blog (especially the front page) but as it turns out, you don't necessarily have to write them yourself.

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